Office building dwg plan , sections , elevations

Office building dwg plan
Office building dwg plan

Office building dwg plan , sections , elevations

Office buildings are very important due to their special location and type of use, and new and attractive ideas and designs are always considered for these buildings in order to create better designs for this type of use .
An office building is a building that is built for office work and therefore, both in terms of appearance or exterior and interior, the equipment used, the materials used in construction and even the cover and the method of heating and cooling It is different from a residential or public building.
Office buildings are usually built in crowded and busy parts of the city to be visible to the public, and in addition, they often use large windows in the facade to open the windows to ventilate the space inside the building and the space of light Benefit naturally.
In this project , we have provided a complete design of Office building dwg plan .

Office building dwg plan , including :

This project involves , floor plans , furniture plans ,dimensions , flooring , roof plan ,  4 sections and 4 elevations

Spaces :




public relations

Administrative Deputy

Deputy Minister of Finance

Guild unit

Business unit


mail room



accounting unit

Income unit

financial department

public choice



Mayor’s Room


Deputy of Urban Development

Deputy of civil engineering

Green space unit

Urban planning unit

Civil unit

Deputy of Planning

Planning Committee

Renovation unit

Technical inspection

conference hall


and …

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