Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you don’t agree with the following conditions , we don’t recommend you to use freecadplan.com and its services.

1-The blocks or cad projects presented in this website is aimed for professionals who know how  to use the provided files .We assume that you know how to use this information and where to use the information and where to refuse from it .

2-freecadplan.com not only designs cad blocks or projects , but also uses the information sent by users and We don’t guarantee the quality and compliance with any standards and regulations and we are not responsible for use of these files in any of your projects.

3- We check all our files including those we receive to freecadplan.com for viruses and we assume that they cannot damage device you are using . but you should consider that , in no case will freecadplan.com be liable for damages arising from the use of the published material.

Users accept all responsibility for using materials from freecadplan.com.

4-freecadplan.com protects Intellectual Property rights. Therefore, it is prohibit to publicate the works that violate laws on copyright .

5- The Account is personal, and your premium account is for personal use only and you should not share your account with other people .

6-You may use, include and/or modify the downloaded files for any work related to your professional activity ,Sharing the freecadplan.com cad blocks or projects or other works that provided by freecadplan.com is prohibited . you should not share the files in social medias or other websites .