Municipality Building dwg plan and sections

Municipality Building dwg plan
Municipality Building dwg plan

Municipality Building dwg plan and sections

Since the municipality is a popular institution, rooted in history and social developments and formed in response to new human needs, it must be able to change in accordance with the needs of urbanites, and this coordination requires understanding how people and the municipality relate from the past to the present .

Proper design of the municipal building, both with its external form and body, creating the correct construction pattern and by providing cultural contexts and creating calm and intimate spaces has an effective role in increasing public participation in order to achieve the goals of the municipality .

In order to enable the municipal organization to have sufficient knowledge of the environment, its components, their relationship is necessary to achieve this.

Here in this project , we have provided a Municipality Building dwg plan and sections in AutoCAD .

Municipality Building dwg , including :

this project is designed in two seperate buildings and involves ,  floor plans and sections .

The floor plans are furnished and the spaces are named .

Spaces :


Expert Room

staff room




Civil Engineering

technical expert

Audio-visual room

conference hall

Clients room

Construction control


Architect expert

substructure expert

Affairs expert

Legal expert





Mayor and Deputy meeting room

municipal services

Technology Affairs


Traffic and urban transportation management

Beautification unit

green space management

Planning Committee

Head of the Council Office

Inspection and handling of complaints

Legal and real estate affairs



and so on…

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