Public library DWG plan in AutoCAD, download

Public library dwg plan
Public library dwg plan

Public library DWG plan in AutoCAD, download

The library gathers the cultural, artistic, scientific and technical efforts of human beings and is the heart of a society’s information system.

Considering the central position of communication and information in today’s civilization, the library is an institution that, while preserving the heritage of yesterday, has an active role in shaping today and changing society towards a better tomorrow.

Also , the existence of large and well-equipped libraries is necessary to meet the practical, cultural and other needs of different strata.

Certainly, if the space and building of the library are built according to the correct principles of architecture and aesthetic features are observed in it, it will have very favorable effects on the minds of the visitors.

Please look at this CAD project to see how well drawn it is .

In this CAD drawing lots of details are observed which can help you to increase your knowledge of Public library designing .

Public library DWG plan including :

In this project , we have provided a complete Public library DWG plan in AutoCAD.

The project includes , site plan , floor plans , furniture , 2 sections and 4 elevation .

Spaces :

entrance hall



conference hall


library bookshelves

study hall

digital searches

books archive

books storage


meeting room



Internet services

Multimedia services


Individual and group Researchers

Audio visual


Cataloging room

cultural products


Food Court




format : DWG

size : 4.1mb

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