Plant CAD Block DWG model , full pack

Plant CAD Block
Plant CAD Block

Here we have provide plant CAD Block collection in DWG format .

you can find lots of plants in this pack and use in your CAD projects .

These 2d models are drawn in plan and elevation views that based on your needs you can use them .

You can find different plants in different categories .

Plant CAD Block include :

Banyan Tree ,Neem Tree ,Peepal Tree ,Aloe Vera Tree ,Tulsi Plant ,Amla Plant ,Eucalyptus ,Mahagony ,Indian Rosewood , Tulip Tree , Sal Tree ,Cork Tree ,Teak Tree ,Black Willow Tree  ,Maple Tree ,The Oak Tree .

Also you can different types of hanging plants .

Also this collection is containing many different plants and flowers that we can name : snake , , Monstera , strelitzia , Rombo , Cactus And…

You can find  ,Big Ken , Rick , Susie , Pippa , Phil , Raven , Sharon , Suri , Fidel plants .

The other types are : Peace Lily, Weeping Fig , Pothos Plant .

Also the flowers are : 

Sansevieria  , Devil’s ivy , Rubber fig ,Zamiifolia , Schefflera , yucca plants , Bambusoideae , PHILODENDRON , Dracaena .

format : DWG

size : 75.6Mb

source :