HINO 500 FD 1126 DWG CAD BLOCK Drawing in Autocad

HINO 500 FD 1126 DWG
HINO 500 FD 1126 DWG

The HINO500 series aims for the highest operational uptime in the field, which means that you can carry out your tasks more efficiently than ever.

Here we have tried to provided the best sketch of the HINO 500 truck in the high details and best quality in 3 views (plan,elevation,side,back). as you know you can use this cad block to create 3d model and also you can use in the Autocad cad projects such as garage design , parking and transporter projects.

don’t lose time and download this cad block in the DWG format and enjoy.

format : DWG

size : 700kb

source : freecadplan.com