culture center in AutoCAD, DWG download

culture center in autocad
culture center in autocad

culture center in AutoCAD , DWG download

A cultural center is a building in which one or more cultural institutions operate .

Cultural centers usually provide conditions for teaching various cultural and social affairs, as well as teaching various professions and arts such as painting, pottery, tailoring, and so on.

Also some cultural centers have their own libraries and publications.

Also Many cultural centers are specialized, that is, they focus their activities around a group or a core of work.

Due to the close relationship between culture and architecture, architects have a significant role in the flourishing of these cultural centers.

In this cad project , we have tried to show a sample design of a culture center in AutoCAD.

This project can help you in order to get more understanding about the Cultural center spaces and dimensions .

This project is drawn in such a way that you can learn lots of things and use these notes in your related CAD projects .

culture center in AutoCAD including :

site plan

floor plans with furniture

2 elevation

2 section

spaces include :

lobby , exhibition , amphitheater ,stage , director ,makeup ,industry ,office ,class ,workshop ,restaurant ,library ,study room ,typing center ,site , gallery ,management ,assistance ,accounting ,archive ,public relations ,mailroom .

format : DWG

size :1.2mb

use the following link to download