cinema plan dwg project in autocad

cinema plan dwg project
cinema plan dwg project

cinema plan dwg project in autocad

Cinema is more effective than other forms of expression in being able to positively and negatively influence its audience.

In the meantime, cultural and artistic cinemas as one of the types of cinema because with the fields of poetry, culture, art, society, expression, architecture, etc , will be able to play a role in the social and cultural relations between people in society and in the direction of culture.

Adopting a creative and innovative strategy in the spatial organization of the project, has led to the formation of a building that, while establishing a structural relationship with the environment and creating diverse spaces, challenges our mental image of the cinema building.

here cinema plan dwg project that is provided , is an example of cinema architecture design, which can be a complete example of cinema spatial organization.

cinema plan dwg project including :

cinema site plan

floor plans ( ground , first , second )


floor dimension plans

4 elevations ( east , west , south , north )

3 sections( A-A , B-B , C-C)

cinema spaces :




cinema halls

meeting room



Staff Affairs


ticket sales


Booth for selling cultural products


Film workshop

Filming workshop

script writing

Special effects workshop

Editing workshop

Directing workshop


multimedia room

and …

format : DWG

size :15.5mb

use the following link to download