Botanic Park dwg plan and recreational buildings

Botanic Park dwg plan
Botanic Park dwg plan

Botanic Park dwg plan and recreational buildings

The design of park is one of the important topics in the art of architecture, and the principled design of these spaces plays an important role in the mental health of the people.

Basically, the nature of public parks is such that all classes of people can use it. In other words, these parks are intended for promenades and public rest areas.

It helps a lot to maintain environmental health and people’s health.

In the parks, offices and rooms are installed for administrative issues and handling the affairs of the employees, which vary according to the size of the park.

This building should be located in a place that is accessible to all parts of the park.

Botanic Park dwg plan , including :

In this project, the park plan is designed in dwg (editable AutoCAD file) format, including green space and office and recreational buildings related to the park.

Here in this project , we have presented a complete Botanic Park dwg plan in autocad .

This project includes : park plan ,buldings floor plans and sections .

Park Spaces :

Ornamental plants

Dried plants

Children’s playground

rest area

flower garden


Picnic area

Artificial wetland

Shrubs and palms


office and recreational buildings

Office and Recreational buildings spaces :






Agricultural offices

meeting room


Special plants laboratory

conference room




plant Exhibition

Programming room

historical and Ornamental Plants

and …

format : DWG

size : 1.15mb

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